AO Soccer Ball - Buy One, Donate One!


Buy One, Donate One
Buy our new AO Senda Fair Trade Soccer Ball; you get a ball shipped to you and another ball will be donated to kids in need. Your donated ball can either go to our AO Stockpile (where we retain the balls until a philanthropic opportunity presents itself), or you can choose our Organization of the Month.
The Final Third Foundation's mission is to inspire, engage, and educate through soccer-based youth-focused programs. The Foundation strives to promote health, wellness, achievement, leadership, and character development, both on and off the field. Its overall objective is to unite diverse communities and empower them to achieve their goals.  AO Partner American Outlaws Columbus


CURRENT DONATIONS: All soccer ball purchases made from January 1 to March 31, 2023 will benefit The Final Third Foundation, Columbus, OH

Soccer Ball Details:
Size 5
Manufactured by Senda
All of Senda’s soccer balls are top quality and certified Fair Trade.
Cover Material: Thai PU
Bladder: butyl
Construction: hand stitched

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