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Throughout our 15 years, AO has been there for all of the great moments surrounding our national teams. Added Time Outfitters provides fans with a way to express their love for their favorite teams and moments with unique soccer-inspired lifestyle accessories and apparel. By our powers combined, we present the AO x Added Time Wristband. With inspiration taken from our new Remix Denim and Remix Pinstripe jerseys, this reversible wristband can be worn when supporting our national teams, whether at the match, at your chapter bar, or in the office. It's another way to show your passionate support for our national teams as they take on the world this fall and next summer.

Reversible wristband designs are one-size-fits-all and are made of a stretchy elastic, allowing for a comfortable fit for most wrists.

Each wristband has a minimum circumference of just over 7 inches (180mm), though they can easily stretch to over 9 inches (231mm).

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