WE THE CHANGE - Equality T-Shirt

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Equality: It’s about ensuring every individual has the same rights and opportunities as the next person. No matter where you come from, your race, color, sexual orientation, or religion, we're on equal footing – and we stand together against discrimination.

The American Outlaws will continue to fight for equality on and off the field. That means equal access, affordability, and promoting increased opportunities for all to enjoy the game of soccer in this country. It also means equal rights for all our members, families, friends, and neighbors. When we say, “We the Change,” we want to show it in the stands and in our communities. We all can be a part of that change, and it’s our pledge to fight for equality for all.The AO Equality shirt is the first in a series of five that will highlight the ideals embroidered on our 2021 member shirt. All proceeds will benefit Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project.

The Equality T-Shirt is a comfortable heather grey blended tee by NEXT LEVEL and printed in the USA by Screen Ink

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