USMNT v. Costa Rica Tickets - THE HEX - 09/01/17


Tickets for USMNT v. Costa Rica - THE HEX - at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ on September 1, 2017. Tickets are in the American Outlaws sections and are General Admission (GA) by section. You may receive a ticket in the 200- or 100-level. Tickets will be assigned by section based on availability.

Maximum of 4 tickets per household - orders for more than 4 will be voided and refunded.

If you have a US Soccer ticket account, please use the e-mail address associated with that account when ordering tickets here. This is where we will transfer your tickets. TICKETS WILL BE ELECTRONICALLY TRANSFERRED AT A LATER DATE. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL TICKET. Tickets will be available for mobile download in your US Soccer ticket account on August 28th for stadium scanning.

Be sure to join us at our events surrounding the game!


Any member attempting to resell a ticket for more than face value is subject to having their membership revoked, and may face a possible lifetime ban from membership. You will no longer be able to purchase future AO tickets and AO will also forward your name to U.S. Soccer for them to decide whether to remove you from their future buyers’ list as well.

All tickets purchased in the AO section from this site or from US Soccer shall be resold at face value—no more, but less if you choose (and gifting is a wonderful choice). TICKETS IN THE AO SECTION MAY NOT BE SOLD FOR ADDITIONAL MARK-UP BEYOND THEIR FACE VALUE, SOLD FOR PRIVATE PROFIT, OR UTILIZED TO PROMOTE OR RAISE FUNDS FOR ANY OTHER COMPANY OR PROJECT. As a member, I understand that if I attempt to sell an AO ticket for above face value, purchase a ticket with the intention of reselling it above face value, AO has the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to revoke my membership in AO.

Scalping is simply not part of our community, and we will do everything in our power to block it from taking place.

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